As a student you have the opportunity to do your master’s thesis at SSC.

Each year we welcome students to perform their master’s thesis at SSC. An internship for a master’s thesis is a good way for students to obtain valuable contacts within the business world, improve their resumé and contribute to the continued development of SSC.

Common areas for theses are rocket and balloon systems, antenna systems, telemetry and satellite management. Most projects are intended for engineers and technicians but candidates with other backgrounds are welcome to apply.

You submit your own ideas by contacting us at
Please specify the location and business area for where you want to perform your thesis.


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We help Earth benefit from space.
As mankind increasingly looks to space to find the answers to the mysteries of the world, we are entering an exciting new era. As people are making more and more use of space in their daily lives, it is becoming a natural part of everyone's infrastructure. SSC's broad range of products and services − from satellite subsystems to launch and operation − and their worldwide availability, is unmatched in the market. And we systematically strive to extend our offer, even further. We provide technology and services required to implement and manage advanced space projects in the best way possible. Our customer's specific needs are always in focus.

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