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In real life, it is very difficult to achieve the same result twice. How often have you met identical twins? How often does Usain Bolt cross the 100 m finish line at 9.99 s? How many times have you split a dart playing a game of darts?

Well, that is why SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden cares about uncertainties. We are daily handling uncertainty calculations in our experimental work towards a number of different industries. A result in itself is not informative enough if it isn’t associated with an uncertainty. The uncertainty budget is determined by components that can be estimated or calculated with standardized methods.

But, how do we treat uncertainties when we perform simulations? Well, methods exist but there is not yet a standardized framework established.
We would like You to investigate the currently available methods for Simulation Uncertainty Quantification, in terms of applicability, efficiency and suitability. We would like You to apply the applicable methods to reference cases to investigate the pros and cons of each method, and to report that in a consistent manner.

The work will be carried out within SP Centre for Numerics and Validation, a companywide platform which gives You the possibility to network with people from several departments. There is also a possibility that external partners will take part in the project.

We expect You to take an active part in the project and to give an oral presentation of the
results towards the SP Centre for Numerics and Validation management team. If You are interested, there are also possibilities to present your work in front of a wider audience of SP researchers at a workshop.

The work is intended to cover 30 credits and should take place during spring 2016.
You should preferably be familiar with numerical simulations, programming and statistics.
Interested and up for the task? Please don’t hesitate to apply or contact us for further information.
Olle Penttinen, SP Measurement Technology
Telephone: +4610-516 50 47

Johan Anderson, SP Fire Research
Telephone: +4610-516 59 26

Ola Widlund, SP Structural and Solid Mechanics
Telephone: +4610-516 50 70

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