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What is in it for you?
This master thesis work will be carried out within System Development Team of Cooling Systems that is a part of the department Vehicle propulsion, and have the responsibility for cooling electrical motors, high voltage battery, combustion engine etc. The Cooling System consists of both hardware and software, and the functionality and control of these are tested, analysed and calibrated to optimize the function.



Evaluating energy consumption efficiency before the in-vehicle tests is an important step in identifying the faults in the system. In this regard, Model-in-Loop and Software-in-Loop tests contribute to performing the virtual tests before the system is tested on the car. Currently at Cooling System Development, a technique has been developed to perform Model-in-Loop testing. The next step is to perform Software-in-Loop testing to evaluate how the Energy Consumption varies. Before that is implemented at a full scale, a study needs to be performed to evaluate the possibilities of implementing Software-in-Loop testing and how close it is to the real life testing. Thus, the SiL testing will be the main performing goal of this thesis with inclusion of in-vehicle tests and MiL Tests to validate the results.

Scope of the Master Thesis:

  • Understand the Cooling System Level Layouts
  • Understand the working of Control Based Simulations
  • Understand and develop SiL simulations by using the FMU Co-simulation
  • Comparison study of the SiL based simulations, Control Based Simulations and in-Vehicle Test Results
  • Provide System efficiency suggestions(Both GT-Suite and Controls level) based on the study
  • Detailed report and presentation of the results


Do you fit the profile?

You have a solid theoretical background that provides you with confidence to be creative. You have a structured way of approaching issues and are self-driven, always striving for success. You also go the extra mile for achieving what you intend to. The project is aimed for two students, however can be accomplished with one. Should you have any specific requests, do provide the same.



  • Masters students within Automotive Engineering, System Controls and Mechatronics, Applied Mechanics or similar education
  • Experience with Software in Loop and Model in Loop techniques is a plus
  • Software experience and skills in Matlab, Simulink and GT-Suite is a must
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken


  • Proposed thesis work period: 15th, January, 2020 to 15th June, 2020 (Dates can be flexible with +- 7 days).
  • Academic Credits: Equivalent to 30 ECTS
  • Number of Students: Preferably 2 students, but 1 works as well

How to Learn More and Apply
Attach your resume and cover letter stating your interests within the given area and your thoughts and credentials. Please note that applications arriving later than the last application date will not be taken into consideration. Selection will be ongoing during the application period, so do not hesitate to send in your application.

For questions about the position, please contact supervisor Yashasvi Nandivada, +46738604956 or mail at

We want your application at the latest October 22nd, 2019. Please note that applications by email will not be accepted.



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