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At Sellpy, our vision is to make it as easy to sell things as it is to buy them. We believe there is tremendous financial, social and environmental value in making sure unused items are put to use again and are proud to be the leading service for second hand goods in Sweden. With an infinite amount of used goods just waiting to be sold all over the world, our journey has just begun!

We love technology in all its forms and have built both our client facing products and internal systems from the ground up. We’re a young engineering team with 6 full stack developers and are now looking for our first Frontend Designer to join the team!

We take great pride in crafting the best possible user experience for both selling and buying second hand. is already used by tens of thousands of users every day so your work will have great impact from day one. As our first Frontend Designer you will be in charge of both designing great interfaces and then turning them into code. You will have lots of freedom and responsibility and you will play an essential role in developing the UX and visual profile across all our products.

What you will do

  • Build next-generation web applications with a focus on the client side och user experience
  • Work closely with the product team and internal stakeholders to design and develop the front ends of our user facing and internal products
  • Implement design components using JavaScript (React)

We would like you to have

  • A degree in Frontend Development, Frontend Design or Software Engineering/Computer Science
  • Experience using both Javascript and CSS
  • Excellent graphic design skills (layout, typography, color)
  • Mastery of design tools: Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Enthusiasm for designing and implementing user friendly, visually pleasing interfaces
  • An online portfolio, or PDF that you can share with us

We are impressed if you have

Knowledge of component based web development (React, Angular 2, Web Components, etc)

Who you are

You engage in projects enthusiastically and with curiosity, constantly showing a willingness to learn new things. You will enjoy coming to work everyday if you have both an analytical and creative mindset. As you will be thrown in at the deep from start, it’s essential for you to be a quick learner in order to be successful. We also feel it’s important that you don’t take yourself too seriously and have a sense of humour, because we have a lot of fun while growing!

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Sellpy erbjuder det enklaste sättet att göra sig av med och sälja de prylar och kläder som man inte längre använder. Vi erbjuder också ett säkert och bra sätt för köpare att fynda bra begagnat. Ett enkelt, smart och hållbart sätt att ge saker nytt liv. Vi hämtar sakerna hemma hos kunden, lägger ut dem till försäljning och delar på vinsten. Det vi inte lyckas sälja går oavkortat till välgörande ändamål.

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